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download anwhatsapp – download whatsapp

What distinguishes ANWhatsApp?

1/ Activate the additional privacy, which is to hide the appearance so that it appears to others that your last appearance is on the same day as the feature is activated, and also prevents deleting the message if another party deletes the message for everyone so that it can be deleted from your conversation as long as you activate the feature, and you can delete the message for everyone after several passages Days after sending it, unlike the original WhatsApp, you can only delete it within an hour of sending it, and you can hide that you have seen your friends’ story, and you can activate the feature to show the correct reading only after you reply to the message.

2/ You can activate and set up the automatic reply feature in WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awadi, as well as the scheduled messages feature in WhatsApp. There are ten copies of WhatsApp Ammar.

3 / You can download wonderful themes in different and attractive colors and change the colors of all areas of WhatsApp according to your desire, and you can also find out who has tag you in groups without the need to open the group, showing you the tag from the outside.

4/ In ANWhatsApp , you can watch quick chats from within the conversation, add your words that you want to send several times in the floating button of WhatsApp, and know the person who is the supervisor of the group as soon as the word “admin” appears next to his name.

5 / In “ANWhatsApp” Ammar, you can run more than one number in the same application through the feature of switching accounts and navigating in them easily, and there is also a button to stop the internet on WhatsApp and activate the night mode at any time you want.

6/ Activate custom privacy for specific contacts as you wish, and customize automatic media download for each conversation separately.

7/ You can also change the WhatsApp emoji, choose the Facebook emoji, the old WhatsApp emoji, your Android system emoji, and others, as well as change the WhatsApp icon, change the font type and the notification icon.

8/ Lock WhatsApp by fingerprint, pattern or pin with ease of use and attractive lock shape, and you can deform ANWhatsApp.

9/ There are many styles and thanks for displaying the application in the style you like, and you can also choose the effects of the application during use with the type you want.

10/ It is possible to raise the duration of the status to more than 7 minutes, send more than 20 images at once, send a video of up to 700 megabytes, and you can forward messages to an unlimited number.

New ANWhatsApp:-

Update WhatsApp base to

[Exclusive] Double-click custom emoji for each chat (chat screen > 3 dots).

[Added] Show a notification for blocked calls when call privacy is enabled

[Added] Option to disable double tap to like.

[Add] An icon next to the group owner’s name to know the group owner.

Download ANWhatsApp


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